Self-Evaluation for Narcolepsy

Sleepiness can occur for a variety of reasons, but persistent sleepiness that occurs even after a good night’s sleep is usually the first clue that someone may have narcolepsy. Self-assessment tools on this website can help identify problematic sleepiness and symptoms of narcolepsy... More »

Narcolepsy Natural Remedies

Currently there are no narcolepsy cures that can treat completely this disease. Some drugs may reduce the risk of drowsiness and untimely nap: amphetamines and other stimulants may be prescribed, as well as antidepressants. More »

Understanding Cataplexy

Cataplexy represents an episode in which body loses its muscle tone, mainly because of emotions. The original name comes from greek, plexis traduced as paralysis and kata as down. Statistically speaking, this illness is a rare one and it is usually associated with narcolepsy. More »

Hypersomnia Symptoms

The first hypersomnia symptoms reported by persons suffering from this disease are the tendency to sleep during the day, although the night sleep was long enough. Sometimes the sleep can even occur unwittingly. Episodes of sleep during the day do not occur in the form of “attacks”... More »

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is characterized by pain in the legs, pain which becomes more severe while resting and lose its intensity when the person moves his feet. Symptoms are worse in the evening or at night so that people with restless legs syndrome generally suffer from insomnia. More »

Link Between Narcolepsy and Mental Health

Just about every illness, mental and physical, is related to emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, and trauma such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Narcolepsy symptoms are often mistaken for depression, in fact narcolepsy is correlated with depression, especially in adolescents. More »


Narcolepsy Cures And Narcolepsy Natural Remedies

Narcolepsy Cures And Narcolepsy Natural Remedies

Currently there are no narcolepsy cures that can treat completely this disease. Some drugs may reduce the risk of drowsiness and untimely nap: amphetamines and other stimulants may be prescribed, as well as antidepressants.

An impeccable hygiene of life, with regular siesta may help spending a lifetime as active and normal and may complete the classic narcolepsy cure. If you record the narcolepsy symptoms, the doctor visit is required because there are many posibilities of narcolepsy cures that can get you rid of troubles. If you lose control over yourself, you can take some steps to avoid future complications.

Narcolepsy cure tips

Build your schedule in order to sleep during the day, a few rounds of 15 minutes. Night sleep is required, at least five hours. Give up coffee, alcohol or other liquids that contain caffeine. Tell your friends about changes in your daily schedule, to not be bothered so that you can gain confidence in your success. Avoid focusing on several things at once. It won’t be efficient and it will take a long time to finish your work.

Divide the deadlines you have to follow into several stages of work. Put on paper every measure you will take and follow the steps one by one, instead of doing them all in the same time. Even if you have an appointment during opening hours of sleep, you can register.

Walk instead of using a car, or take a ride with a bike. Climb the stairs and avoid the elevator. Physical exhaustion can be countered by exercise, so try to make room for it, in your schedule, daily. At lunch break take a short walk, do not use your phone so that nothing distracts you from relaxing a little bit. At least ten minutes try to forget about work problems and think about personal plans and things you most enjoy.

Avoid sedentary activities which will induce a state of sleep. Moreover, U.S. doctors believe that during recovery, physically exhausted people can find real support with alert bracelets. You can wear them throughout the day and when your heart rate is low, characteristic to the state of sleep, they will warn you that you are in danger of falling asleep so that you can avoid it by distracting your attention or taking some exercise.

Your health is more important than any deadline or workload. Recognizing a problem is the first step to solving it and if you inform your friends and colleagues about this they will support you and your emotional background will allow quick recovery together with a good narcolepsy cure.

Narcolepsy natural remedies

Narcolepsy natural remedies are used either together with a medical treatment, or as another option and will offer a cure with less side-effects to the patients that don’t like the idea of chemical treatment. The main goals of the narcolepsy natural remedies are to reduce the symptoms and to improve the physical condition but also the mental state of the patient. A successful mix of herbs and alternative homeopathic medication contain Magnesium lactate, Hypericum perforatum, B6 Vitamin and Schizandra chinesis presenting visible results in patients suffering from narcolepsy.

Including narcolepsy natural remedies in your scheme of treatment, you will observe an improvement in your sleep schedule and your life quality. On the other hand, please note that it is not recommended to give up taking your medication without the strict supervision of your doctor or your homeopath, even if the narcolepsy natural remedies give results.

Don’t forget to establish a good balance between the narcolepsy cure and the narcolepsy natural remedies, in order to reduce the symptoms but also to take care of your mental and emotional condition.


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